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Donate Now And Make A Difference

The early years of a child’s life present an exciting opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.

Your donation, no matter how small, helps to fund the vital work being done to ensure no child is left behind. A range of donation options are available. Thank you for your support. 

As a registered, tax-exempt Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) with Section 18A status, we are also able to issue tax-deductible receipts to South African based donors for cash or goods donations made. For more information, please email accounts@knysnaedutrust.co.za.

Once-Off Donation

No matter the amount, your donation goes a long way to giving a child a chance through life-changing early education and development. Select an amount to get started.

Adopt-A-Child’s Education (ACE)

Children living below the breadline don’t have access to a preschool education. Support ACE to work towards a child’s overall safety, cover preschool fees, and ensure he or she receives daily meals. Contact us to set up a monthly recurring donation of R220 per month or donate now to adopt a child’s education for a year at R2640.

Adopt a Child’s Education for R220 per month

Adopt a Child’s Education for a Year: R2640 once-off

Subsidise a Student Teacher Bursary

a. FET ECD NQF Level 4 Module 1 of 2: Basic Child-Care Course

A 10-month course providing the knowledge & skills to work as a professional nanny/au pair, as an educator for children aged 0-3 years, or a preschool assistant.

R 12 100.00

b. FET ECD NQF Level 4 Module 2 of 2: Preschool Teacher Course

This 10-month course is an extension of the Basic Child Care course. It equips learners to work in preschools with children aged 3-6 years. Development of personal growth & communication skills with parents & children.

R 12 900.00

C. FET ECD NQF Level 5 Principal Of An ECD Centre

An 8-month course equipping learners to effectively operate an ECD centre.

R 9 900.00

Equip a Classroom with a FONIX Kit

Includes letters, mat, feely bag, teacher training manual and training, and on-site support in Knysna.

R4000 per kit.

Equip a Classroom with a NUMBA Kit

Includes baseboards, pegs, feely bag, teacher training manual, shapes, and more.

R4000 per kit.

Feed a Child a Nutritious Meal Every Day

For only R10 a day, you can help to guarantee a child receives a nutritious meal every day.

Feed one child at R210 per month

Feed 30 children for a month at R6000 per month

Monthly Donation

Become a regular contributor to the Knysna Education Trust and become part of our community of change-makers. Contact us to set up recurring donations of any amount.