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No Child Left Behind

Make A Difference Today That Will Last A Lifetime For A Child

The poorest children in our communities are the most vulnerable – and play a central role in breaking the cycle of poverty.

At KET, we concentrate our efforts on all children in our Social Services region. An investment in a child’s early development is an investment in the future of our country.

Adopt a Child's Education Programme

In 2006, KET established the ACE (Adopt a Child’s Education) programme to assist the poorest children who are unable to attend preschool due to a lack of funds. The programme has grown every year and aims to support a minimum of 500 children per year. This sponsor driven programme also enables preschools to receive some financial support to sustain themselves. Children who qualify for this programme are from families living below the breadline and whose parents or caregivers are committed to ensuring that their children receive a preschool education.

This programme ensures that children who would otherwise be left alone at home to fend for themselves or left in the care of an infirm or elderly relative are able to attend preschool. With your help, we are able to cover a child’s fees for one year, ensuring that the child will be safe, receive meals, and, above all, experience a quality preschool education.

Adopt a child’s education for one year. Change their lives forever.

Blocks For Growth Programme

In collaboration with The Learning Institute, the Blocks For Growth programme addresses developmental delays in children aged 4-5 years. The aim of the programme is to ensure children are ready for Grade R. Too many children enter the preschool system too late, which often results in them not having achieved age appropriate development milestones. Not addressing these issues early further hampers a child’s development on entering formal schooling.

For those at risk of developmental delays, the programme offers support through an intensive therapeutic intervention programme. Occupational therapists lead and oversee therapy groups in ECD centres twice a week. This helps to accelerate the holistic development of the children identified as being at risk of falling behind their peers developmentally.

The programme also provides pivotal teacher and parent training and mentorship to offer the necessary support to children at home and in the classroom.

Give a child the gift of Grade R readiness. Donate today.