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Caregiver and Parent Training

Baby and Toddler Programme for ECD Facilities

The period from pregnancy to the age of 3 is scientifically proven to be the most sensitive period for brain development.

At KET, we focus on addressing this crucial development period for toddlers in our ECD facilities.

Developed by our Senior Occupational Therapist, this programme trains practitioners in activities to implement in the baby classrooms – ages 3 to 18 months. Teachers are trained in Afrikaans, English, and Xhosa. We aim to equip them with the knowledge to create classroom resources and perform optimal stimulation activities, which will benefit babies’ brains and their healthy physical development, thereby setting them on a good development trajectory.

A smiling mother holding her toddler, showing the importance of KET’s parent and caregiver training programme to ECD
Letter blocks A, B, C arranged in a triangle showing KET’s literacy project in Africa, the FONIX programme

Blocks For Growth Teacher And Parent Training

The B4G programme was developed as a response to ECD contextual problems and in order to develop the minds and bodies of children. A supplementary goal was to build strong relationships with teachers, caregivers, and parents throughout communities. Children aged 4-5 years are screened for any developmental delays. These are addressed through intensive intervention therapy sessions in small groups over 7 months. Children are re-screened post therapy to confirm Grade R readiness.

The fundamental belief is that each community member can be an individual block for growth and can contribute to building a strong foundation for quality education. Parents are trained on how to positively support the child’s development in the home environment to achieve Grade R readiness.

We give presentations on how to play with your child, the importance of reading stories to your child, and how to improve your child’s language, motor and numeracy skills. Each child receives a goodie bag filled with articles, equipment, and resources to help the parent implement these activities at home. In addition to this, parents are also introduced to the CareUp App – a tool that can be used at home on a daily basis to encourage parents to play, teach, and read to their children.

Children who are at risk of developmental delays need additional attention. This programme is specifically aimed at children with learning difficulties who have not yet entered Grade 1. This collaborative intervention with The Learning Initiative gives these vulnerable children an enhanced chance at developing the skills they need to make a success of their school years.

Sponsor a new preschool to benefit from the B4G programme.