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A Pillar in Her Community: 37 Years for Principal Caroline

On Friday, April 12th, we gathered for a heartfelt celebration at Humpty Dumpty Creche in Rheenendal to honour Principal Caroline’s remarkable 37-year career at the ECD (Early Childhood Development) facility. She first began as a teacher at Humpty Dumpty, stepping into the role of principal in 2015. Now, as she enters retirement, she leaves behind a legacy of nurturing and educating generations of children.

Each child gave Principal Caroline a flower as she entered the preschool grounds

During the event, several of Principal Caroline’s former students spoke, recounting the profound impact she had on their lives during their formative years. They expressed gratitude for the invaluable life lessons she imparted, which continue to resonate with them to this day. Notably, the newly appointed principal of the preschool proudly shared her journey as one of Caroline’s students, expressing her intent to carry forward her mentor’s legacy.

The celebration marked a significant moment for Humpty Dumpty Creche, following a period of financial uncertainty that had threatened its operations. Despite its vital role within the community, the ECD facility faced financial strain. With monthly fees ranging from R300 to R400, there is rarely room for savings or improvements.

Principal Caroline with Humpty Dumpty's new principal, Jean Sonkai

Amid concerns about funding shortages, a generous donation channeled through KET provided a much-needed lifeline. This donation included a substantial supply of essential food items, ranging from dry goods and canned foods to frozen vegetables, fresh fruit, and protein sources like chicken, chicken livers, and pilchards. The preschool now bakes fresh bread and vetkoek for the children.

With the surplus funds, Humpty Dumpty Creche was able to address critical needs, such as maintaining its premises and procuring essential cleaning supplies. These improvements not only enhance the learning environment but also alleviate the financial burden associated with day-to-day operations.

The transformative impact of this generous contribution extends beyond immediate relief, empowering Humpty Dumpty Creche to establish a savings plan and regain financial stability. Now, with a renewed sense of optimism, the preschool can focus on organizing fundraising events to ensure its long-term sustainability, safeguarding its vital role in shaping the future of the community’s children.

This inspiring story exemplifies the power of trust and collaboration, as donors place their faith in organizations like KET to allocate resources where they are most needed. Through this intervention, 76 children have been directly supported, enabling seven dedicated teachers to continue their invaluable work of nurturing young minds.

Some of the KET volunteers who have worked with Caroline over the years
Attendees brought snacks with them, to add to the celebration
The entrance to Humpty Dumpty Creche