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How do I Choose an ECD Facility for my Child?

Deciding where your child will spend their day is a big decision. Consider choosing an Early Childhood Development (ECD) facility close to your home or work for convenience. Also pay attention to the facilities’ operating times. If it closes at 2pm but you can only fetch your child at 4pm, they are not the right fit. You will also need to choose an ECD facility that is within your budget. 

What can I expect from my child’s ECD facility?

1. A clean, organised and safe space.

The preschool or creche should be well kept. Floors and surfaces should be cleaned everyday, and there should be no clutter on the floor. Too many boxes or objects stacked on top of each other can be dangerous. The ECD facility should have a fence, with a gate that is kept locked so that the children cannot get out onto the street. 

2. Trained, caring teachers and staff that want your child to shine

Your child’s teacher should be qualified. They do not necessarily need a degree in education, but they should attend regular training and do what they can to stay current with their child care knowledge. Knysna Education Trust offers various workshops and training sessions, free of charge to affiliated facilities. 

3. Each age group should have their own daily programme

Age matters when children are very young. For example, a two year old and a four year old are on completely different learning journeys. They should have separate classrooms with different daily routines and activities to help them build a strong early learning foundation at the correct pace.

As a parent, you have the right to ask your child’s teacher about what they learn, how the preschool operates and to raise any concerns with them. Stay engaged with your child’s learning journey to ensure they are getting the quality education that they deserve. 

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