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Living Legends in Knysna’s Community

Six of the principals receiving their awards with Nella Gysman, KET's ECD Registration Manager (far left) and Angelina Smith, KET's General Manager (far right)

On the 6th of September, Knysna Education Trust held their 30th Annual General Meeting. Having serviced the ECD (Early Childhood Development) sector for three decades, the organisation has worked with hundreds of ECD teachers and principals.

KET took this AGM as an opportunity to celebrate 10 ECD facilities that have been affiliated and operating in Knysna municipality’s informal settlements for over 25 years. The women who head these facilities have been extremely dedicated, facing challenges with courage and perseverance.


Bitou Round Table Creche – 36 Years

Humpty Dumpty Creche and Pre-Primary – 36 Years

 Ethembeni Daycare – 35 Years

Bongani Preschool – 33 Years

Little Teddies Creche – 30 Years

St Patrick’s Magdeleentjie’s Kindergarten – 27 Years

“These principals work tirelessly to care for our children. Running an ECD facility requires them to wear many hats. First, they need to be caring and compassionate to work with children. Then, they need to be continuously learning and training so that they can offer the best support to the teachers who work under them. They also need to be businesswomen who understand ECD legislation and who are willing to work with us (KET) to ensure compliance to the safety norms and standards.” – Nella Gysman, KET Registration Manager

ECD facilities such as creches, daycares and preschools are essential safe places for children to develop social, physical, emotional and cognitive skills in preparation for formal school. Without the availability of these institutions, children’s development would be delayed.

“We wanted to acknowledge the leaders of these ECD facilities for being pillars of their communities. They have had a significant positive impact on hundreds, if not thousands of children’s lives.” – Angelina Smith, KET General Manager

The event was also an opportunity to honour two trustees who have been with KET since the beginning and have recently made the decision to step down from the board: Nompumelelo Koti and Richard Sohn. 

Richard has selflessly given his time, energy and expertise to ensure KET’s success. Being a lawyer, he has always given wise council and guided the Trust in the right direction in legal matters. Passionate about all children receiving quality education, everything that Richard has done for KET reflects his firm belief in the necessity of the work.

Over the years, Richard has helped to collect more trustees to help him with his vision. He played a key role in developing KET’s Fonix literacy and Numba numeracy programmes, which are flagship programmes today. For his lasting impact, Richard has been awarded Honorary Life President of the Knysna Education Trust.

Nompumelelo has been a community leader since before the establishment of the trust. She founded and ran one of the first community preschools in Knysna, which still operates today. Her work in disadvantaged areas has been unwavering and profound. She has given KET sound advice and insight regarding delicate matters with individual ECD facilities and has fought hard for an equal and thriving society. For her dedication and council, she has been awarded Honorary Life Time Community Elder & Advisor to the Knysna Education Trust.