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KET’s FET Centre Earns Accreditation

Quality education starts with passionate, dedicated practitioners who devote huge amounts of their time, not just in the classroom but outside of it as well, preparing a nurturing and stimulating environment for young minds to blossom. In saying this, working towards a formal qualification not only puts these practitioners in a better position to deliver quality but helps them with the demands of a bustling ECD environment.” – KET’s Futher Education and Training Manager, Claire Bruton.

The idea behind establishing the FET training centre in 2016 was to boost the quality of teaching in existing ECD facilities. Having seen the value of qualified teachers in ECD classrooms, KET wanted to help more practitioners achieve high standards of teaching.

Until now, KET has always relied on external organisations to handle the matter of accrediting students’ qualifications. We are proud to announce that as of June 2023, KET is independently accredited to provide training.

This is a huge step in the right direction for our training facility, aligned with government’s focus on formalising and professionalising the ECD Sector. According to Bruton, “A qualification in Early Childhood Development equips ECD staff with understanding the early years, classroom management, developmental milestones and inclusivity. The QCTO Level 4 Early Childhood Development Practitioners qualification focuses not only on knowledge components, but has a great focus on Work Integrated Learning in an ECD site, so that once practitioners are qualified they are ready for the work force.”

KET will welcome Early Childhood Development Practitioner candidates in September 2023.

Subsidise a student teacher bursary: R23 500.00

Basic Childcare - First Aid Training Facilitated by Claudia from Garden Route Medical Training