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Feeding More Children with KFC

Have you ever donated R2 at KFC and imagined which child it would help feed? KET was recently nominated for a one time donation from HOPE Worldwide South Africa in partnership with KFC! The donation will help feed about 300 children in 10 ECD facilities in both Plett and Knysna.

These facilities received a bulk delivery of food items commonly used for their nutritional value and easy preparation methods. When selecting preschools to benefit from the donation, we made sure that they were not already benefitting from our current feeding scheme.

Through Le Creuset and the Rotary Club of Knysna, KET’s feeding scheme supports about 220 children in 10 preschools. We would love to increase the impact of our feeding scheme so that the preschools that benefitted from KFC’s generous donation can have a guaranteed amount of food for the children once the current supply runs out.

As an organisation supporting children’s education, we cannot ignore that food is essential for learning. With the correct nutrients, children’s brains are fueled to receive information and their physical bodies can properly develop. Many principals ask for help with feeding because parents can’t afford to send anything for the children to eat during the day. This puts pressure on the preschool to provide food so that the children don’t go hungry during the day.

The harsh truth is that 27% of South African children suffer from stunting. When we hear awful statistics like this, we often think that there is no way it happens here. In reality, children are going hungry very close to our own homes. According to our data, there is still approximately 1000 children in preschools who could benefit from our feeding scheme. If you would like to help, you can donate here or email our general manager at general.manager@knysnaedutrust.co.za. 

Some of the principals receiving their donations