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Knysna Education Trust Joins Hands with KILT and HERO

When NPOs work together, they are able to expand their impact and help one another achieve their goals. We are happy to announce our collaboration with KILT and HERO, sharing Melrose House to Create a Cradle to Career Education Model.

On the 6th of May, we celebrated the official roof wetting of Melrose House, home of the Cradle to Career Education Model.

As KET we are collaborating with Knysna Initiative for Learning and Teaching (KILT) and HERO (Heal Equip Restore Optimise Strengths) to share a space and reduce operating and administration costs while working together to improve the quality of education in the greater Knysna region.

The employees of all 3 NPOs opened the festivities with the iconic song “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers. This symbolised the organisations working together and leaning on one another in times of need, while also extending a hand to all the local education facilities and schools in pursuit of providing quality education to local children.

As our readers probably know, KET improves the early childhood education sector by providing services and programmes to all forms of ECD facilities located in a 1200km service area. Our mission is for every child to attend a safe preschool, with competent, qualified teachers, where literacy, numeracy, and life-skill lessons happen daily – and where training, on-site mentoring, and support to teachers and parents ensure all children reach crucial developmental outcomes.

KILT works to make it possible for every child in Knysna to attend any local school and be assured of a learning environment that gives them a solid foundation and the opportunity to realise their true potential. The organisation strives to augment Knysna’s entire school system and enable principals and their teams to transform their schools into centres of excellence that equip young people with the adaptability and resilience to thrive in the changing world of work.

HERO’s mission is to restore the lives of traumatised children and youth, through various interventions, including therapy for families and training of professionals, community members and volunteers in the skills required to assist. Many children in our local communities in Knysna, Rheenendal and Plettenberg Bay benefit from their interventions.

Working together, we hope to create access to quality education for all children in the Knysna region – leading to flourishing families, work opportunities, economic mobility, effective investment of education funding and a more equitable society. If you would like to learn more about these organisations, please visit Melrose House, 34 Queen Street, Knysna, and experience the magic that happens when we work together for the good of our community.

Lynne Stoker (Director of HERO) Sandy Ueckerman (Managing Director of KILT) Cllr Levael Davis (Executive Mayor of Knysna) and Angelina Smith (General Manager of KET)
Melrose House has been revamped thanks to generous donors, who value the work these NPOs do in Knysna.