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Vodacom Change The World – Final touches, touching lives

By: Angelina Smith

One of the highlights for me this month/s is putting in the final touches to the training room. The vision I had of a neat, spacious and organised area is complete. In addition, by creating an area for the students to grab a cup of tea/coffee and recoup during lecture breaks has added that ‘real’ feel to a training centre. We’ve moved the notice board to this area where we will display lecture times, current ECD newsletters and brochures and any other vital information for ECD practitioners.

I am extremely proud of the systems and processes put in place in the past year around the FET application and registration processes. These systems ensure efficient and smooth management of new applicants. As this was a new venture for KET, it was pleasing to see that the efforts put in have resulted in a process which is not only streamlined, but one which puts new students at ease, ensuring them that the KET Training Centre is a first-class training facility where their learning and qualification is a priority

Being part of a bigger picture. Offering this certified training opportunity has saved 2 teachers their jobs. Two practitioners, from a local primary school offering Grade R classes, were about to lose their jobs due to their lack of qualifications. The school’s governing body have reconsidered their decision due to these teachers’ application to acquire the suitable qualification. I am humbled and at the same time so grateful to KET for their foresight in not only recognising this need but putting in place steps to remedy the situation of unskilled preschool practitioners. To Vodacom, I am grateful for sponsoring my role in this task and for allowing me to MAKE a DIFFERENCE and change the world two teachers at a time.

Christmas end of year function was an inaugural event. In the past, the Trustees have thanked the operational staff for their hard work and dedication by taking them to a sit-down meal. This year, the team decided to combine this with a celebration of the teachers and practitioners, who have shown commitment in their work and regularly attended workshops and training. Nicola Goodall, KET’s Director, cleverly took the opportunity to demonstrate the American Auction fundraising concept to the teachers. Fake money, gift bags, 1 coin, and a quick demonstration of the game got the ladies off to an initial slow start, but by the 2nd round we were able to stand back and watch their excitement and laughter as they all joined in the fun and anticipation of winning a prize. Since then, we have heard rumblings from the teachers on when they hope to try out the American Auction in their schools and communities. Part of the reason this is listed as a highlight is not only because it turned out to be a success, but the KET operational staff once again worked in unison, each bringing their individual strengths to the fore. Even though we worked very hard, we all agreed that it was worthwhile and a huge success

Working with a wonderful team.
2016 has been defined as a year of positive change at KET. While new staff, new programs and new systems can be challenging, the team has taken on these new challenges with the determination and dedication which is a trademark of this dynamic team. The Board of Trustees made a point of extending their thanks to the team for a great year, and the entire team is looking forward to a very productive 2017.  What better way to end a year than with huge smiles?