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Partnership with the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust

The Trust is extremely proud to announce our partnership with the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust.

The grant funding obtained from the OMT will allow KET to continue to provide the quality ECD services which have become our trademark in the ECD arena in the Greater Knysna Community.

In the last 2 years the number of preschools affiliated to the Trust has doubled. This is a very positive indicator to KET, and highlights the value of the work being done in the community. It carries with it the responsibility KET faces of being able to provide these services to an ever increasing number of ECD centres. The ongoing support and recognition from loyal funders such as the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust, not only validates the work we do, but goes a long way towards enabling the Trust to move forward and extend our services to all of those in need.

KET remains dedicated to our focus areas of teacher development and training, parent and governing body training, and providing up to date and effective learning programmes for children in the classrooms. It is undisputed that children who are exposed to learning at a preschool age, will cope better in both formal schooling, and in adult life.

KET has seen remarkable success in with our structured programmes in the past 21 years, and with partners such as Oppenheimer Memorial Trust we are assured we will see benefits long into the future.