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Collette Vacations

Collette Vacations and Collette Cares foundation have played a significant role supporting the young children of Knysna since 2013.

To date Collette assisted with the rebuilding the Happy Faces preschool, sponsored 50 children on the Adopt a Child’s Education (ACE) programme for a year. In 2016 this relationship has further grown and has enabled KET to upgrade the Teacher Training centre into a quality centre where teachers are able to attend valuable training sessions. The training centre, including a teacher resource centre has been a long time goal of KET. In July 2016 thanks to the wonderful support from Collette Cares KET was able to open this new training centre.

This partnership as also enabled KET to implement support groups and training sessions for new and young mothers in our community. Taking care of a new infant is often a daunting task and can be overwhelming. This fantastic initiative will enable these moms to access support and learn how best to stimulate and care for their young infants to ensure that they not only grow but thrive.

The Collette Vacation Bus tours are loved by all our preschool principals and teachers, who relish in the opportunity to show the international visitors how well they are doing while sharing their individual stories. Visitors have commented that they are often overwhelmed and humbled by how much these teachers do with so little.

We extend our thanks to the Collette Care Group, your support remains invaluable to us.