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Building of Happy Faces in Hornlee

Elizabeth Swartz of Happy Faces has surpassed the call of duty by opening her home to the children in her preschool. 

After a series of challenges, including the original wooden church which doubled as the preschool burning down and her having to evacuate from the temporary damp facilities of the Catholic Church basement as the conditions were unhealthy, Elizabeth unselfishly took the children into her home. 

She currently has 45 children in her preschool that receive a good quality education despite the cramped and overcrowded conditions. She is currently the only preschool in her area of Hornlee and constantly receives requests to take on more children. Elizabeth has also proven over time to be a dedicated teacher and selfless leader, a true asset to the community and children of Hornlee 

Land availability is limited and along with the development of the Knysna Municipality’s ISDF plan, it is not making land available to preschools. There is an opportunity to share the AFM church’s ground, located in the same area, to build a preschool for Happy Faces. At present the managing committee of the church has approved our application to build Happy Faces on a piece of vacant land behind the church. The Trust is in the process of confirming municipal regulations for the site usage after which a financial proposal will be forwarded to the committee for approval.