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ECD Excellence Awards 2023

On the 29th of October we held our annual ECD Excellence Awards. This was a celebration of the ECD practitioners who are making a positive impact on our children. KET invited teachers, principals and volunteers who have shown excellence in one or more aspects of their work.

The event kicked off with a performance by children from Bubble Gummers Preschool & Nursery. They impressed the crowd with a full six minutes of choreography. This was followed by an inspiring talk by Western Cape Education Departments Janette Jooste, who pointed out that the performance proved just how important ECD is for children’s development. During their dance, the children used memory, counting, repetition and many more concepts whilst building their muscles. There is so much power in play, and Janette reminded practitioners that learning does not have to involve complicated strategies.

Teachers and principals were then awarded according to various categories, including excellent programme implementation, administration and governance. The most prestigious award at the event was the Stamp of Approval, which signifies an ECD facility that has proven to increase the quality of learning in the ECD Sector through functional governance, tracked children’s progress and effective use of learning programmes in a safe and well-equipped learning environment.

Only a handful of facilities receive this award each year, after thorough checks and agreement from each KET department. This year, the following ECD facilities received the award:

  • Bubble Gummers Nursery & Preschool
  • Noluthando Creche & Preschool
  • New Life Centre
  • Wonderland Educare Centre
  • Milkwood Daycare Centre
ECD Practitioners from Bubble Gummers Nursery & Preschool; New Life Centre and Milkwood Daycare receiving the KET Stamp of Approval

We also took this opportunity to announce The Chairperson’s Award for Volunteer of the Year – Ester Beukes. Ester has been a key volunteer for 10 years. She regularly visits four preschools in Rheenendal, helping the teachers wherever possible. In 2023, she fully embraced our challenge to improve the children’s gross motor skills. She held a brilliant workshop in our training centre with the teachers, giving them ideas for activities. She also sourced funding for 20 gross motor packs which included a variety of toys such as a bat and ball, rackets, paint, a whistle and a big ball. We commend the effort that Ester and all of KET’s volunteers put in to help practitioners deliver quality service to the children.

Jordine Windwaai, KET's ECD Registration Auxiliary Worker, was awarded "Most Growth in her Position"

Lastly, staff awards were announced. These were voted for internally, giving KET employees the chance to appreciate the hard work that their colleagues put in during the year.

Ultimately, the ECD Excellence Awards reminded us all that although our work may have challenges, we are in this together. ECD practitioners, volunteers, KET staff and our supporters all want the same thing – to see all children happy and learning.