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Emma’s Story: How one visit to Knysna Influenced her Life Path

“Coming here was the start of my journey and it’s been great to come full circle. Without having this experience here, I don’t know if I’d be doing what I’m doing now.”

Emma volunteered for KET in 2012, straight after finishing school in the UK. Her and Fred were encouraged by Gail Rossini, a passionate ECD specialist who worked with KET, to join her at Isiseko Creche and Wonderland Pre-Primary. Being roped into working with children doing creative activities, Emma recalls how much work it was, but adds how rewarding it was too. When they left Knysna, the pair volunteered at some preschools in Kleinmond before heading home.

Now, eleven years later, Emma has committed herself to work in the charity sector for an organisation fighting to prevent child abuse and neglect in the UK.

She recently visited us again and was impressed to see how these preschools have grown. Speaking about Principal Thelma from Wonderland Pre-Primary – “to see that the school has moved out of her house and she has actually got a separate site and was able to expand – that was really moving.” At Isiseko Creche, she proudly recognised the murals they had painted on the walls all those years ago. 

Emma’s story reminds us of how rewarding volunteering can be. You may think that you are only there to help the children, but sometimes they can help you too. In Emma’s case, her experience with these preschools and KET changed her life. Thank you Emma for caring, and for your continued support of the work we do in the Knysna and Bitou communities.

Left: Emma and Fred in 2012. Right: Emma and Principal Thelma in 2023.

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