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Last 10 Weeks of Lockdown – Mid-May to End July 2020

KET contemplated that the Covid lockdown would extend beyond the predicted initial 8 weeks. The impact on our local affiliated unfunded Early Childhood Development facilities would be catastrophic for principals, teachers and the young children. KET sought to continue providing food security assistance to these preschools (and education packs), following the generous support provided in the initial lockdown period by our collaborating partners Rotary Knysna, ePap and KILT. After consultation with donors and reviewing of KET annual programs, funds were redirected to provide practical support to 31 KET affiliated unfunded preschools since the 17 May with the support of Le Creuset, The Learning Initiative (TLI) Blocks for Growth Program, Jim Joel Fund, Book Dash, Wordworks, KET volunteers and many local Knysna community members.

This infographic tells a wonderful tale of donor, local community and volunteer support coming together to provide hope and practical assistance to one of the key socio-economic micro enterprises in our local communities, namely care groups/early childhood development facilities. We hope to extend this aid into August and support our preschools to open safely and encourage parents to support these valuable places of safety, care and learning for their children.