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Willow Tree Educare Takes Root

What a welcoming sight! The singing of children as the sun streams in through the large windows of a freshly painted, beautiful farmhouse in Brackenhill. The reason for their cheer (and the beaming faces of their teachers) is because, after seven long years, they finally have their own preschool building, thanks to a collaborative effort between PG Bison and Knysna Education Trust.

Davey Carelse (HR Manager – PG Bison): “We are pleased to invest in this opportunity to develoip children and build the future of a community. 

Thanks to KET for their willingness to join hands and contribute. They are setting an example to all in the Knysna area.” (Davey is pictured third from the right at the back).

Julia Moses (Principal – Willow Tree): “I just want to say thanks to Davey from PG Bison, Nicky from Knysna Education Trust, my team and the parents who continue to believe in me.” (Julia is pictured crouching in the centre behind three children in the front).

Nicky Goodall (Director – Knysna Education Trust): “This accomplishment couldn’t have been achieved without commitment, co-operation and teamwork. We have full confidence in Julia and see a positive future ahead.” (Nicky is pictured second from right at the back).